T6 Web Development

The Visitor and Graphics

Graphics are important to a website. Dublin Bay at twilight on  summer's evening. Bryan MullenThey make it more appealing.

In designing a web page one needs to take into account the web visitor's device and access point.  A broadband connection will give quicker access than a 2G smartphone.  Images will increase the download time required, particularly large ones.

The current trend is to attach graphics like photographs with CSS.  The property used is background-image.  The value is contained in url().  For example:

background-image: url(dublinBay.png);

Using CSS with CSS Media Queries means the image can be shown where the device and access point can handle it.

Image Editing Tool

Basic resizing and cropping of images can be done in Microsoft Windows Paint.

Licencing of Graphics

A web designer needs to take into account licencing requirements when using images on a web site.

Attribution to Author

Graphics used on your website should have a credit to the author. This should at least include:

Graphics Search

Use the links below to search for images.