T6 Web Development

Styling with CSS 3

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a method of adding formatting to Web pages.  It is a separate language to HTML with a different syntax.

Style Rules are created in CSS.  They are used to target specific parts of the web page through association with particular tags.  The tags are referred to as selectors.

Note on creating Styles RulesGO

W3C on CSS

W3C on Accessibility

CSS Examples & Discussion

Web Page Colour

Good contrast is important between the text colour, foreground, and the page colour, background.  It is particularly important to visitors with a visual impairment.

Colours can also have a psychological impact.  Red, orange, and yellow are considered warm colours.  They can convey emotions from warmth to anger.  Blue, green, and purple are considered cool.  They can convey calmness but also sadness.

Colour Schemes

Colour Contrast

About Colour